Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yellow Carrot More than Edible

So I grew yellow carrots during the summer for the first time. They started off great. Many warned I wouldn't be able to grow carrots, let alone yellow ones. Well, with all that negativity, after a couple of months, they did just seem to wither away - at least I thought they'd withered away.

The spot where they were originally grown, I planted other items in that spot, not realizing there was one lone carrot enjoying every minute of it and becoming a double legged, monster. This carrot was in the ground for many, many, many months. Of course it was finally realized that 'something' was growing there but had no idea until I began preparing the bed for something else and voila! A baby was born.

Of course, those same negativos told me not to bother trying to eat the thing as it would be pithy and tasteless. Who cares what someone else thinks? I scratched the surface of the carrot and was stunned by what appeared to be juice coming from I figured what the heck - can't hurt to try it.

That was the best carrot soup I've ever eaten. Not only did it make a very good meal, for several days, I might add, the carrot actually ended up being juicy and tender and really quite delicious.

Nay sayers, bah! I dare anyone to buy a cup of soup as good as the one I had from that yellow carrot that had grown to the size of a baby's leg.

01.25.09 :: Update
I've updated another post to help you locate a supplier for yellow carrots.  You can find the information here.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Crooked carrots taste just as great! My first attempt at carrots was in a container - the bottom half filled with heavy soil and the top half filled with a potting mixture. Need I say more? They were undersized, green topped and an assortment of interesting shapes, but they tasted good!

Patrick said...

I love yellow carrots! In my garden at least, yellow carrots are the most vigorous growing and taste really good. I think white carrots taste the best, they are a little more tender and don't have any bitterness. Purple carrots look great, the taste is okay but not great,
and are a little harder to grow.

jeannie said...

i recently bought a yellow carrot and it too was a double legged and more. Check out the double legged yellow carrot on my blog here: