Sunday, October 14, 2007

Late Bloomer Tomato Plants

So, I previously mentioned we planted far more tomato plants than should have been permitted by law. They were green for a very long period of time and much to my surprise, the plants are producing pounds and pounds of fruit NOW. During the summer there was fruit, here and there. But now, there are fruit everywhere. All shapes, sizes and colors. There are tomatoes growing in areas where we didn't even plant them.

Let's see how long we can keep the plants through 'winter' (whatever that means this year).

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reconsidering Seed Distribution

So I was considering not providing seeds in 2008 (lots of work, small collection, limited number of inquiries except during certain times of the year - you get the picture) - then I received a very nice note from a lady named Christina...well gee...maybe I will consider saving seeds and distributing them to garden friends around the world after all.

For the most part, we are extremely busy through the year but make it a special point of doing what we enjoy which is gardening. And, as part of the gardening process, we've found it an essential part of gardening to save seeds. Of course, anyone who has ever saved seeds knows you can only save so many before it becomes an over-zealous hobby where you end up with far more than you need in one season...thus...this is how we've come up with the concept of providing them to garden friends from around the world. Strange but true.

We're not in the seed business...we're actually working professionals who have standard 9 to 5 jobs that always seem to last beyond 5 and into 10 in the night but that's another story. Seed, however, has become part of our wholistic process of organic gardening and we really are thrilled to be able to share with others of like-mind.

So, thank you to people like Christina for remind us why this is so important. Sometimes the unimportant stuff gets in the way and foreshadows our reality.