Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pac Choi Destruction

...I should also reference the fact that my Pac Choi was abscounded, not entirely but in sufficient quantities in comparison to the number of plants previously planted out. I'd like to blame it on the heat - if we had any serious heat...honestly have no idea what happened other than the fact the majority are gone, simply gone. So, sad. Was looking forward to the consumption. Luckily, that was another one of the plants that was incredibly easy to germinate. I'll plant more and will probably provide them with a bit more security - like keeping them in a planter box that I can take inside each evening!
Oh, and I have lots of seeds in case you're interested. Send me an email and I'll gladly share. It's fairly tasty if you can get your share of the plants before the other creatures.

Too Much of a Good Thing

...it's hard to imagine you can have too much of a good thing. We setup a new greenhouse, in addition to the existing greenhouse and I quickly filled it up seeds. What was not anticipated was how quickly it would take in order to get the seeds to germinate. It's a very nice surprise but a shock nevertheless. From vegetables, flowers, herbs and cuttings, it's such a nice problem to have. I'll post some photos shortly. In the meantime, the tomatoes, basil and peppers will be provided to the neighbors. If you've sent a message asking for an updated list, please note we'll try to update the list within the next few weeks but depending on the immediate response for the tomatoes and peppers will depend on whether or not we include that with the main list or provide it a supplemental.

Sorry, we cannot ship plants internationally (outside the United States).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pac and Broc

All work and no play make humans dull - so I finally had a chance to get into the garden. Surprisingly, things looked rather smashing. That Pac Choi listed below, it finally got planted today. Approximately 30 were planted, if not a tad more. Also planted some of the Broccoli Raab today, fast grower that Broccoli Raab...