Saturday, November 6, 2010


Much to my dismay, I missed out on being able order a nice variety of potatoes, onions and garlic this year.  By the time I actually got around to even thinking about it, all I could find were OUT OF STOCK references.

Certainly wasn't as if I needed to order any more of these items but what gardener can resist adding to the garden when an opportunity presents itself?

Well, amazingly, I went into my local green grocer and found a boat-load of fine potatoes to eat AND plant!  Yeah, I know I really shouldn't plant the ones from the supermarket but it's an organic grocer and I'm going to try it!

For all of $5 per variety (some were actually only $2.99 for a 3 pound bag) I purchased several pounds of

Russian Banana Fingerling
French Fingerling
Ruby Crescent Fingerling

That was nearly 20 pounds of potatoes!  Shipping costs alone for a quarter of what I purchased would have cost me nearly double of what I paid for one meal of each variety.

Looking forward to eating, planting and harvesting these gems.


A Kihei Garden Cuisine said...

Potato Garden (formerly Ronniger's)
will be listing their seed inventory in mid-November. They have several early varieties availble now and still have garlic. I'm not sure about the onions or shallots as I didn't order or inquire about availablity but you could check.

Heirloom Club said...

Thank you very much! Ronniger's was my potato and onion supplier of choice but when I went there, they were unfortunately sold out as well. I'll definitely try them again.

Very much appreciate the recommendation.