Friday, March 5, 2010

Compact Zucchini Plants

Admittedly, I am fascinated by the number of queries I receive asking about compact zucchini plants. While I love the concept, I've personally yet to find such a beast.  Every 'compact' zucchini (or so identified on the package) I've ever grown completely took over my garden whenever I turned my back.  It probably has a great deal to do with the growing conditions and most importantly the weather when determining how 'compact' a plant will become.  So, since my findings make me a little suspect of the idea, I'm going to throw the concept out to others.

Do you know of a compact zucchini plant and if so which?


Jim said...

Try Cocozelle or Black Beauty, both available from Botanical Interests (one of my favorite seed companies). Cocozelle was very compact...roughly 4 to 5 ft across at most, and produced into October. It even stayed one step ahead of the dreaded squash vine borer.

Heirloom Club said...

Hi, Jim. Great suggestions and I've tried both and they're great although even those don't stay 'compact' in my garden. Black Beauty in particular is a beast in our garden and Cocozelle, while less of an out of control runner still needs to be cut back regularly in order to keep it relatively contained. Both have provided excellent production even with substantial pruning.

Thanks for the great suggestion.